Low temperature cold water machine is special designed for the special low temperature environment cold water machine, its strong refrigeration capacity for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other places of business of food preservation, large cold storage meat, seafood, frozen, cold storage, ice-making fields, frozen food processing/cold storage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other various cryogenic environment provides a reliable guarantee.

1. The product variety is complete, including high temperature, water temperature 5 ℃), medium temperature (the temperature - 10 ℃), low temperature (water temperature 15 ℃) three series.

2. Highly optimized structure, the heat exchanger plate supporting the body, the structure is simple, compact and practical.

3. High quality screw compressor + the best the perfect combination of highly efficient heat exchangers, can effect comparing is as high as 4.5.

4. Four or stepless capacity control, precise matching load change.

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