First, adjust the running load ratio

Chiller than for different load of the consumption of energy, in the process of daily water chiller operation, 70% to 80% of the load operation energy consumption is much lower than 100% of the load operation, in combination with the specific requirements of units used, therefore, in a given time by reducing the water chiller load ratio can reach the purpose of reducing energy consumption, as long as the unit of cold quantity is at a level that is less power consumption, the consumption of energy are greatly reduced.

Second, improve the evaporation temperature

In actual use process, as long as the effective improve the chiller evaporation temperature and decrease condensation temperature, can achieve the goal of improving energy efficiency, especially in view of the chiller equipment equipped with cooling water tower, using such method can greatly improve the working efficiency of the cooling water cooling towers, reducing the energy loss problem, according to the introduction of domestic refrigerator production enterprises, improve the evaporation temperature and decrease condensation temperature, is the most common method of reducing power loss.

Third, reduce the blockage

If pipe plugging problems, serious impact on the improvement of water flow, lead to the growth of energy consumption, in actual use process, using different ways to keep the pipe is in a state of flow, can significantly reduce the excessive consumption of all kinds of energy problem, achieve the goal of improved efficiency of the chiller.

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