Welcome to Dongguan MYEKOO Industrial Equipments Co.,Ltd

Dongguan MYEKOO Industrial Equipments Co.,Ltd  is a specialized research ,development, production, sales, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency refrigeration and heating equipment of high-tech enterprises. Company main business scope:industrial  chiller series,mold temperature machine series, cold and heat multifunction series,cooler series,constant temperature and humidistat machine series, and other non-standard series; Main products have obtained the production license and CCC certification.
The company centering on science and technology, quality, aiming at pursuing customer’s satisfaction. Excellent performance, high quality, classic service; our eternal goal is to create greatest value for our customers. We adopt famous refrigeration accessories from USA, Denmark, Germany, France, Japan, utilize oversea advanced tech. Keeping innovation on experience of refrigeration equipment’s development and production for many years. Our products are stable, reliable -working, energy-efficient, Easy-maintenance. The professional and capable team will supply full service, you can enjoy the treatment as a king. We received the favorable comment and deep trust from customers. The products sell well both at home and abroad.
Our industrial chiller machine  is widely used , for suction plastic industry , plastics industry, electroplating industry, electronic industry, fish farming, construction, mechanical industry, hardware industry, chemical industry, pharmacy, food processing and preservation and so on .In improvement the productivity of the machine at the same time, reduce the defective products caused by improper temperature, improve the quality of products and production, make the enterprise get the best efficiency and top quality. In addition to the standard to finalize the design product, our company according to user requirements production of various kinds of special specifications of the chiller, and provides cooling water tower, water pumps and other auxiliary equipment and systems engineering design, installation and maintenance services.
Air cooler is the design that  company profess to electronic, pharmaceutical, casting industries equipment cooling process designed to embody the character such as energy saving, human nature, beautiful, environmental protection, air cooler the overall failure rate is low, equipment maintenance is simple and convenient. Quality trustworthy! Composite materials shell, frozen not cracking, high temperature deformation, encounter alkali not aging; Service life is 2 times bigger than the plastic machine, warranty 10 years, the industry only.
"Quality achievements gold brand, away from the price competition" that it adheres to the principle of. Through the management service concept, it is with high quality, good faith and enthusiasm as the goal, to bring customers the most satisfactory service.